The true man smiles in a problem, gathers energy from pain, and grows brave by observation. Too often we underrate the power of a taste, a smile, a kind advice, a listening flapper, an honest appreciation, or the tiniest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a world around.


The insistence to prevail, the urge to supplant, the urge to relinquish your extensive potential… these are the signs that will unhitch the entrance to fleshly superiority. The motive is the music of getting personages to do what you aspire them to do because they want to do it.


The airy breeze in the valley of hills is like a bubble bobbing in the shadow of darkness. The stars above the channel of roses are glittering like fruits of the diamond through the widened sky. The curtains of the sky are soon going to be plunged from the deadly slope as the showers are on the verge of falling from the sky.


I had a walkman when I was a child, under my cushion I kept it esoteric. When the candles went out and no person could see over, the airwaves realm befell to me. I’d go for the channels till I found a contest, I knew how they acted by the sweetness of their signs. The clap of happiness, I appreciated how far I’d go and I followed it all on my walkman. On Friday evening when the air was clear a channel from chimera sometimes would develop, the sudden guitar harmonies along with the stars that sang.


Well, we always exhibit transcendent for somebody at some point in time but is it a trope or certainty which is the divided road where we all get tangled. Bond should be clear like an oyster segmenting the dewdrop at the bottom of the ocean, In consideration, belief plays the most important role that has to be incarnated throughout the time. Best traits in companions should be to concede each other and to be appreciated.