What a pleasing thing it is to be able to upend tall and say, ‘I fell apart but I outlived ’.



Doubt is temporary, grief is endless.


Habit is a representation of your attitude and your character. Innovate yourself regularly!


Peace is the charm of life. Lighten up, just enjoy life; the purpose of life is not merely to survive, but to shine.


Guide me to drive. Your festival, I don’t wanna be a song of your celebration, everybody warrants a mint to ramble with every other person while having down a mission to keep my sweetheart around and may get me some late twines, and her an evening out on the end of the week so we can mumble secrets from our sweet thoughts. Freshman needs some polish yet I’m a budding person like every other character, so let me clear out.


Can we imagine that gliders in the nighttime firmament are like igniting twinklers? I could literally use a hope decorated now, I could use a vision to go behind to place much shallower than the cause, after all, partying, cracking and shattering. There comes a season when you wither in the duskiness and while you gawking at the receiver in your loop and you dreaming but them people nevermore ring you back.


Caramel in my hair rendering everywhere in the sunbeams, watch the day-star go down while my dial starts to crystalline. You could be the person who’ll make me think alright, take me anyplace I wanna be your cable. I can’t go into without you It’s pressing me backward, It’s all I could do, shining for you.